Located between the band of cities that is Enschede, Hengelo and Almelo and the national landscape of north-eastern Twente. Oldenzaal is a lively, energetic and bustling city with a unique and attractive range of shops, lively cafés and restaurants, a variety of events, and recreational and cultural facilities. This is why Oldenzaal is also called the “Smile of Twente”.

Popular in Oldenzaal-Deurningen

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Exclusive shopping in around 200 shops.

You can find more than 50 exclusive fashion shops - often family-owned businesses - spread out across the narrow and quaint shopping streets and two indoor shopping centres. Of course, there are also many dedicated delicacy shops, such as cheese-and-nuts, luxury-bonbon, wine and sweet shops, as well as ice-cream parlours.

Enjoy the good things

You can catch your breath in one of the many dining and drinking establishments. From tapas to grand café, from lunch room to pizzeria and from café to beer house.

Event city

Small or large events are regularly held in the centre of Oldenzaal. The most well-known are the annual carnival and Boeskool is Lös. But medium-sized events also make visiting Oldenzaal a treat.

Historical centre

With the 12th-century Basilica of St Plechelm in its centre, Oldenzaal once belonged to the Hanseatic League. It was given its market rights in 1049 and city rights in 1249. The medieval street pattern of the inner city has been preserved particularly well.

Het Hulsbeek Recreation Park

There are various recreational amenities here, among the woodland, water features and sunbathing areas.